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Who are we?

Neots Services Limited is composed of experienced and dedicated professionals committed to providing high-quality service to our esteemed partners and clients. At Neots Services Limited, we are driven by a passion for revolutionizing many of the oil and gas sector activities. We have remained one of the successful pioneers in this industry because of our zeal to improve and enhance our operations according to current best practices and international standards.

Our Experience

Having participated in the oil and gas industry for many years, it is evident that operational efficiency in this field in any capacity is mainly dependent on the kind of technology used. There are many disruptions in the oil and gas industry as we speak, and we at Neots Services Limited are not leaving any stones unturned as per giving our clients the best of whatever services we have to offer.

Our Services

We offer a wide array of services, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Importation of refined petroleum products to Nigeria
  • Investment in gas and renewable energy
  • IT and cyber security for marine and oil & Gas industry
  • The use of applications to protect against pirates at sea
  • Supply tanker vessel that supplies refined petroleum products to Nigeria
  • Supply Fuel supplements like fuel treatment
  • Supply Engine oil for cars and heavy-duty truck
  • Supply oil pipes
  • Deployment of sensors at sensitive oil pipelines location to reduce oil theft
  • Building of filling stations, gas plants, tank farms
  • Building of gas cylinder
  • Electricity charging point


Security threats have posed severe challenges to companies and vessels operating offshore within Nigerian waters. This has affected productivity in oil and gas operations carried out in such terrains, endangering the lives of personnel working in such location. As such, the rate of progress made by this industry has been greatly limited by all these security challenges.

At Neots Services Limited, we employ state-of-the-art technology to combat the security menace that seems to negate successful operations in this industry. Through seasoned professionals and experts with industry-wide experience, we have successfully tailored several IT and cyber security solutions for our clients and partners in the past to help them overcome various security threats. In addition, our products help to ensure that both human and non-human resources are fully protected from any form of unsuspecting attacks that might result from such security lapses.

Our Vision:

Our involvement in oil and gas has transcended the borders of traditional petroleum products. We have also expanded our portfolio to cover renewable energy sources. At Neots Services Limited, we are taking all the necessary measures to maximize our client and partner’s investment in the field of renewable energy.

With Neots Services Limited, it is easy to adapt whatever you’re doing in the oil and gas sector to the current challenges. Our consultation services have also proven to be insightful and helpful to most of our clients in this industry. So patronize our products and services today, and stay ten steps ahead of the current challenges that bedevil the oil and gas sector in a clime like Nigeria.

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