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Neots Services Limited is a dynamic industry with a unique skill and technology to operate in the oil and gas industry. Neots Services Ltd has demonstrated itself as a key player with broad expertise in the oil and gas industry. It is a company of qualified and licenced hybrid industrial professionals. Neots Services Limited always endeavors to carry out its services to the highest quality standards that are available in the oil and gas industry.

Neots Services Limited has been meeting its ultimate goal and target in rendering products and services to our strategic partners and clients on time and on schedule. We do not compromise on the health, quality, security, and safety of our employees, communities, and the environment within our operational areas.

In Nigeria, part of products and services include the importation of refined petroleum products on behalf of NNPC and the supply of tanker vessels that supply refined products to Nigeria. We have the capacity and capability to provide the following products and services in the oil and gas industry:

Information Technology (IT) and Cyber security

IT and cyber security are concerned with the protection of data. At Neots Services Limited, we are into IT and Cyber security for the marine and oil and gas industry. We partner with IT security companies to help safeguard our clients’ data in the marine and oil and gas industry against attackers that might want to have access to their computers, data, programs, and networks.

Protection against piracy

One of the present day challenges of the offshore and maritime industries is piracy against vessels in the sea. Piracy attacks on tanker vessels are usually carried out with cruelty and violence. We offer applications to protect our clients’ tanker vessels against pirates at sea. These applications are able to provide real-time location of these vessels and alert private security companies in situations where there is threat to the safety of the cargo and crew.

Construction of gas plant, filling stations and tank farms

With a focus of expanding the oil and gas industry in the downstream sector, Neots Services Limited is involved in the building of filling stations, gas plants, and tank farms. We are involved in all areas of planning, commissioning and operation of these projects to support the expansion plan of the downstream sector in Nigeria.

Provision of tankers for supply of refined petroleum products

Tankers at various capacities help to distribute refined petroleum products from the refinery to different parts of Nigeria. At Neots Services Limited, our tankers are designed for the bulk transfer, distribution and supply of refined petroleum products like Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) or diesel, and Kerosene in Nigeria.

Gas Cylinder

Gas cylinders are used by households with LPG as source of domestic energy in place of firewoods and kerosene to provide cleaner, healthier and safer energy. Neots Services Limited build gas cylinders and accessories of various sizes and high quality to enhance the storage and containment of LPG for domestic and commercial use in Nigeria. Our LPG cylinder guarantees portable, high content of energy and clean source of energy whenever and wherever it is needed for domestic cooking, hot water, and barbecuing, etc. or manufacturing purposes.

Refined Petroleum Products Importation

In partnership with NNPC (Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation), Neots Services Limited are licensed to carry out the importation of refined petroleum products to Nigeria. We import refined petroleum products like DPK (Dual Purpose Kerosene), Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK) or Aviation Fuel, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Engine oil for cars and Heavy Trucks

Engine oil for cars and heavy trucks consist of base oils that is enhanced with different additives for the lubrication of internal combustion engines. All engine, whether car or heavy truck engines require oil to perform properly. It is an important element of an engine. At Neots Services Limited, we supply various synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral engine oils for cars and heavy trucks. Our oil provide the required engine protection and performance that is befitting for the engine of your car and heavy truck. The engine oil we supply for cars and heavy trucks are designed to help preserve, increase the life and maintain the efficiency of the emission systems in new, existing and emerging gasoline and diesel powered vehicles.

Gas and Renewable Energy

It is not by chance that natural gas and renewables are experiencing an increasing growth. The several environmental and economic importance of natural gas has made it the perfect basis for the continuous use of renewables. This has made us at Neots Services Limited to increase our investment in gas and renewable energy. Our investment in gas and renewable energy will help to deliver secure, clean and low-cost energy to power Nigeria. Most cost-effective and efficient technology has caused a spike in the production of natural gas, contributing a price reduction and making natural gas the most economical and used source of domestic energy. In addition, solar and wind generation have improved rapidly. These sources of renewable energy will be the fastest-growing source of electricity generation in the near future.

Oil pipes Supply

Majority of crude oil and refined petroleum products are transported through pipelines. Transportation of crude oil through oil pipelines are more efficient, safer and creates reduced greenhouse gas emissions than truck, ship or train. Neots Services Ltd supplies oil pipes that are used by oil partners in the oil and gas industry to transport and distribute crude oil and refined petroleum products. Underground oil pipes are the most environmentally friendly and safest way to convey these oil products. So far there is oil and gas in our daily lives, we all need to transport those products over long distances to everyone who need and benefit from it.

Security Sensors at oil pipelines location

Oil theft results in human casualties, great economic loss, and environmental pollution. We deploy sensors at sensitive oil pipelines location to reduce oil theft caused by undetected leaks from crude oil pipelines. Our sensors helps to monitor and detect irregular vibration and noise on time and in real time.

Electricity charging point

An electricity charging point is a device that provides electrical power for charging electric vehicles. At Neots Services Ltd, we are into strategic partnership with reputable companies to offer smart and flexible charging solutions and points for electric vehicles.

Fuel supplements

Fuel supplements like fuel treatments are essential to boost fuel economy, minimize wear and friction, improve engine performance and horsepower, correct hard starts in vehicles, improve engine life and combat corrosion and rust. At Neots Services Ltd, our fuel supplements are intended to enhance your vehicle’s engine capability while it is operational.

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